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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some features of the VoIP phones?

The new VoIP phone will include the standard calling features you are used to, plus new built-in capabilities.  For a full list of features, see this user guide.

How will I access voice mail?

Accessing your voice mail is easy with the voicemail key on the phone (looks like a cassette tape), but in order to get into your mailbox for setup, you will need the default PIN code, which is 15951. The system will walk you through setting up your voicemail and changing your PIN.

How do I call someone within the Cisco system?

The new phones have a directory (the key that looks like an open book), which streamlines the process of internal calls.  You can look up people within the Cisco system using this, or you may choose to dial their 7-digit number.

How do I make calls outside of the system?

You must press “0” first to dial a local outside number.  Press 0 + 1 + area code + 7-digit number to dial long distance. Please note that UW-Madison calls will be outside numbers with the phone system.

What are some issues I might have with the video camera?

Every phone has a video camera on the top.  Please DO NOT put anything over the camera such as a post-it note or tape. Instead, close the iris on the camera by twisting to the left and point the camera up at the ceiling. Unlike a webcam, there is no way for the camera to be activated remotely if the iris is closed.

Can I adjust the phone?

If you don’t like how the phone sits straight up, you can slightly bend the silver foot that the phone rests on until it sits at a better angle. Please note there is a limited amount of travel though.

Will my old headset work?

Your current phone headset will probably work with your new phone if it has a RJ11 connection; however, it may require some tweaking to get the sound quality correct.

A new option available with the 8845 phone is to pair a Bluetooth headset with the phone instead of a traditional corded or wireless base station headset.

I would like a new headset.  What are my options?

There are two companies we recommend for headsets, Jabra and Plantronics.


This is a lower end option that connects your phone and is available in mono or stereo audio versions: Jambra Pro 900

This is a higher end option that will allow you to use the headset on both your PC and your phone. It is also available in mono or stereo audio versions: Jabra Pro 9450 Mono

The following links will list all compatible Jabra headsets.  Note that DECT technology provides a greater range than Bluetooth.

Jabra Wired or DECT Wireless Headsets

Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

If you want to be able to use the button on the Jabra headset to answer or hang-up calls, you will also need this cable: Jabra LINK – electronic hook switch adapter


Plantronics makes excellent headsets; however, they are higher priced than JABRA.  Check the Plantronics Compatibility Guide for headsets compatible with the Cisco 8845 phone.

Will internet connectivity impact calls?

In the event of an internet outage, connectivity issues could interrupt calls.  Each campus will have phones that work with a router so you’ll be able to make outgoing calls.  Incoming calls will be redirected to voicemail.

How does Jabber—the “soft phone” option—work?

The soft phone option, called Jabber, can be installed on any Windows or Mac computer, plus Android and Apple Smart Phones.

Look for it in the Microsoft Software Center on your PC. It should be available for you to install there. If it is not, give your machine some time for the catalog to update. If you have an Apple device, contact the VoIP Team.

The most important thing to note for Jabber is the phone control feature (bottom left of the hub window), which allows you to control your desk phone from your computer. If you want to use it as a true soft client, make sure that it is set to “Use my computer for calls” and that you have a microphone or headset available, just as you would for a Skype call. Jabber is also able to make video calls to a desk phone.

If you have a mobile device, you are also able to install the Jabber client from your device’s app store. However, calling from the mobile app is not configured currently. It is a separate configuration from the PC based Jabber client that still needs to be completed.

Need more help?

Contact the IT HelpDesk if you have any issues with the instructions.