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Using MFA with Smartphone


UW System Administration has selected Duo as our solution for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In order to utilize multi-factor authentication, you will use a smartphone, tablet or fob.


Once you have installed the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone and enrolled in Duo MFA, follow the steps below to start using Duo on your smartphone.

  1. Log into your Office 365 account (, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, etc.)
  2. After entering in your login credentials, you will be prompted for Duo authentication.
  3. Check the Remember me for 14 hours box if you are logging into a browser. This will remember your login for the next 14 hours. Should you have to log into your account again on that browser, you will not be prompted to authenticate with Duo.
    Note: This option only applies to the browser. Desktop apps such as Outlook, Teams, Skype, and OneDrive fall under the weekly authentication rule.
  4. Click on the Send Me a Push button.
  5. Open the push notification sent to your phone and press APPROVE. You can also open the Duo Mobile app and press on the “Request waiting. Tap to respond…”green bar across the screen and then press APPROVE.

If the prompt times out, click Send me a Push again.

  • You are now logged into your Office 365 account.