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Syncing SharePoint files with OneDrive


This document includes instructions on how to sync a SharePoint document library with OneDrive for Business so that the files are accessible through File Explorer.


1. Open a web browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome or Explorer) and go to and sign in with your work email.

2. Then, enter your credentials again when the UW-Shared Services or UW System Administration federated ID page appears. Complete the Duo prompt.

3. From the SharePoint landing page, click on the Departments drop-down, and select a department site.

4. Once the department site is open, choose which document library you want to sync.

5. Click on the Sync button.

6. A message will appear with a launch application. Ensure Microsoft OneDrive is selected, and then click Open link.

7. Wait about one minute, then check Windows File Explorer for the folder you chose to sync.

8. The sync is complete, now you can access the folders and files from your work device. For further details on syncing files, please check out this video.

Need More Help?

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