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OneDrive Overview

What is it?

You can think of OneDrive for Business as your cloud-based personal drive. It is your individual secure location to store work-related documents in the cloud. It is based on Microsoft SharePoint Online and is included with our Office 365 subscription.

Why should I use it?

In addition to being your individual secure file storage location, OneDrive for Business has features that make it easier for you to access your work documents and share documents with others.

  • You can access your work-related documents from anywhere you have an Internet connection without using VPN. Your files are easily accessed on any computer using a browser or on your mobile device using the OneDrive for Business App.
  • You can install the OneDrive for Business Sync Client on your computer to synchronize your documents across multiple devices. People who frequently access their OneDrive for Business documents from a computer may find this a convenient way to access their files without using a browser. An OneDrive for Business folder will be created on your local hard drive and contain copies of all of your OneDrive for Business folders and documents.  Any changes you make to files in your local OneDrive for Business folder will automatically be synchronized to the cloud and to any other devices that are using the OneDrive for Business Sync Client.
  • You have 1 TB of storage available. This is significantly more than what is available on your LAN-based personal drive. (Note: You will want to be sure that you do not exceed the capacity of your computer’s hard drive if you are using the OneDrive for Business Sync Client)
  • You can easily share documents or folders with others without sending physical copies of documents through e-mail. Simply use the Share feature to send a link to anyone you would like to have access to the file or folder.  Click here for more information about sharing documents.

How do I use it?

There are several ways you can access your OneDrive for Business folder.


  • Navigate to and sign in using your organization e-mail address and password.
  • Navigate to and sign in with your organizational email address and password to log into your Office 365 portal. Click on the OneDrive icon to view your files.
  • Use the OneDrive for Business Sync Client. This client has already been installed on all UW-Shared Services IT-managed Windows computers with Microsoft Office 365. The OneDrive for Business Sync Client is also available for Mac OS. See OneDrive for Business Sync Setup for Windows for instructions on how to set up the sync client on your Windows computer.

Mobile Device

Install the OneDrive for Business app on your mobile device. Apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone from the appropriate app store for your device. While you are at it, you can also install mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Want more Information?

Much more information about OneDrive for Business is available from Microsoft. Following are some helpful links: