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Mapping Network Drive on Windows 10


The following instructions will show how to map a network drive on Windows 10.
Note: If you are on the Wi-Fi network, you will first need to connect to the VPN. To set up or connect to the VPN, please follow the instructions here.


1. Navigate to the Start Menu and search This PC.

2. In the This PC window, select the Computer tab from the menu ribbon.

3. Click Map network drive in the Computer menu panel.

4. In the Map Network Drive window, select a drive letter from the drop-down menu. The letters are completely arbitrary–you can choose whichever letter is not currently occupied. In the folder textbox, enter the desired network path. Do not click “Browse…”

Check Reconnect at sign-in.

5. Click Finish. You will need to repeat this process for each network path you want to map.

Need more help?

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