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Mapping Network Drive on Mac


The following instructions will allow you to use a remote access tool (Virtual Private Network, or VPN) to gain access to network drives outside of UW-Shared Services and UW System Administration.

Before you can work remotely with your network drives, you will need to know the network. Please contact the IT HelpDesk for assistance.


1. Connect to the VPN using the client. If you do not have the VPN client installed, see instructions for installing and connecting to the VPN.

Installing the VPN Client

2. Once connected, select Go from the Finder menu and in the drop down menu select the Connect to Server option (indicated by the red arrow).

The Connect to Server window will appear.

3. Enter the path for your network drive in the following format:
Click Connect.

A window may pop up asking for your credentials. Enter your network user ID and password and click Connect.
Note: Depending on what server you are connecting to, you may need to enter the domain name as well. For example, you are using a UWSS computer but connecting to a UWSA shared drive. You will then need to enter your full email address in the username field. Example: or

You should now see the files from your network drive.

Disconnecting Mapped Drive

1. If you wish to disconnect a mapped drive, in Finder, choose File then New Finder Window. You can also open the icon on your desktop for the mapped drive.

2. Select the mapped drive on the left hand menu, then select the ‘Gear’ icon and you will see a drop down menu. Select the option to Eject your mapped drive.

Once network drive is disconnected, the mapped drive will be removed.

Need more help?

Contact the IT HelpDesk if you have any issues with the instructions.