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Legacy UW Colleges & UW-Extension – Find Username or Network ID


This document shows users how to locate their lost username.


1. UW Colleges

Your username is the same as your campus network ID. This would also be the same account used to access PRISM. 

For most UW Colleges students the username is the first four characters of your last name, followed by your first name first initial, and then the last four numbers of your student ID.

  • Example: Student name Jane Student with a student ID 4570123 will have a username STUDJ0123.

For most instructors and staff, the username will be your first name, followed by a period, then your last name.

  • Example: Instructor name Joe Instructor with an instructor ID joe.instructor.
  • Password: You would have been asked to use or create your own password.

2. UW-Extension

UW-Extension users authenticate using their UW-Extension ID and email password.

The username is the same as the beginning of the corresponding email address.

If your email address is or, your username would be jane.doe or doeja012345, respectively.

Need more help?

Contact the IT Helpdesk if you have any issues with the instructions.