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Change HP Computer Microphone Audio


If you have an HP laptop and are using the built-in microphone for a meeting, the Bang & Olufsen app allows you to customize how your microphone works. This setting is useful when multiple users are talking into the built-in microphone on the laptop.

Did you know? Bang & Olufsen is the name of the company that makes the audio equipment for the laptop. Their app allows you to make the built-in microphone multi-directional.


1. There should be an icon highlighted in your taskbar. Click on it to open the Bang & Olufsen application. Or, you can do a search for Bang and Olufsen to open the application.

2. Without plugging your headphones in, click on the Recording Experience tab. On newer HP laptops, click on the Enhanced Experience tab.

3. If you’re in a meeting and using your computer’s built-in device for the microphone, change the selection to Multiple voices or Conference so that the audio in the whole room is picked up. If you only want your voice to be heard, select Only my voice.

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