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Archiving old Emails


This document describes the process of archiving old emails and how to export and import them as a .pst file to save in your current Microsoft Outlook account.

If you are using a Mac, please contact the HelpDesk to assist with this task.


To export a .pst file

  1. Open Outlook, then, Click File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
doc export folder to pst 1
  1. When the Import and Export Wizard pops up, select Export to a file, and then click Next.
doc export folder to pst 2
  1. Then select Outlook Data File (.pst) in the Export to a File dialog, and click Next.
doc export folder to pst 3
  1. Select a folder that you want to export as a .pst file, and click Next.
  1. Select a location to save the .pst file, then click Finish. You can add a password to protect the file, or leave the fields blank by clicking OK.

To import a .pst file

  1. Open Outlook, then, Click File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File.
  1. Use File Explorer to navigate to the location where you exported your .pst file, then click Open.
  2. Your .pst file will appear in Outlook as a new mailbox. You can browse your archived emails.
  3. You can either keep the file open in Outlook, or you can copy the file into a folder in your email, whichever you prefer.
  4. If you would like to close the Outlook Data File, right-click on it and select Close Outlook Data File.

Need more help?

Contact the IT HelpDesk if you have any issues with the instructions.